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Student surveys are conducted twice a year, in April and August. This gives students the chance to provide feedback on SmartLab's teaching materials, teachers and business executives.

Comments are consolidated to meet the immediate concerns of students.

Meet-the-Parents Sessions

SmartLab Education Private School schedules Meet-the-Parents sessions with the Principal/Vice-Principal and individual parents in March every year. This provides the parents with feedback on their child’s academic and conduct performance during the school term.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

Our annual target is less than 5 complaints by parents or students per year.

All feedback we receive is used to help us continually improve.

Contact details of management staff members are available in the student handbook and on display in the centre to ensure parents and students can always reach us.

Teachers, students and parents can speak to the Centre Manager if they are unsatisfied at any time. Academic issue is managed by the centre Vice-Principal/Head of Department, while administration and payment is managed by the Centre Manager under the instruction of the Principal.

MarchMeet-the-Parents sessionFeedback to parents on the performance of student
AprilStudent Survey 1Improve on areas to meet immediate concerns of students
AugustStudent Survey 2General feedback on the entire course and to examine improvements made to specific areas

Resolution Mechanism 

If the issue can be resolved by the Vice-Principal/Centre Manager/Head of Department, they will so, and they will keep the Principal informed. Normally the issue involves an initial round of talking to the parents, students and staff members to gather and verify information before arriving at a decision that resolves the issue.

If the parent is not satisfied, or the Vice-Principal/Centre Manager/Head of Department is not clear on how to resolve the issue, the Principal will be involved. The Principal may talk directly to the parent/student on the issue to reach a final decision.

If the outcome is still unsatisfactory, the case will be referred to the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) or Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) through CPE Student Services Centre Services Centre for mediation prior to any legal action or proceedings.

Any escalated complaints will require an investigation report.

O Level and A Level course classes are held weekday mornings and afternoons in Bishan.