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A contemporary campus, conducive to learning

Every aspect of our campus is designed with you in mind.

Each of our classrooms is equipped with a whiteboard, projector, computer and zoom facility.

Bishan 15.0sqm – Classroom 1 (Capacity: 10)
Bishan 16.0sqm – Classroom 2 (Capacity: 10)
Bishan 16.0sqm – Classroom 3 (Capacity: 10)
Bishan 20.0sqm – Classroom 4 (Capacity: 13)
Bishan 23.0sqm – Classroom 5 (Capacity: 15)

Marine Parade 24.29sqm – Classroom 1 (Capacity: 16)
Marine Parade 25.15sqm – Classroom 2 (Capacity: 16)

If you’re a science student, our MOE-approved SmartLab Education Private School Laboratory (Woodlands) contains all the scientific equipment you need to practise for your practical assessment (15-20% of your final grade).

12.3sqm – Lab Room (Capacity: 6)

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Facilities near our school

O Level and A Level course classes are held weekday mornings and afternoons in Bishan.