Taking your GCE O Level Preparatory Course

The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination is conducted in Singapore annually (October/November). 

It is awarded jointly by the Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Candidates’ applications to sit the examination are accepted on the condition that they adhere to all the regulations governing the examination.

The Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate Of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination conducted by SmartLab Education Private School is offered to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residence only.

What the full-time course includes

This programme is wholly delivered in Singapore. The maximum class size is 18, with an average teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7.

Each 10-month course includes lectures, interactive discussions and group tasks, which are conducted daily in our classrooms. For certain subjects such as pure/combined science, it also includes practical experiments, which take place in our laboratory.

You will complete practice tests to prepare for your formal assessments. Occasionally, you may be invited to take part in educational field trips, excursions or inter-class competitions.

Resources and materials will be provided for you, including subject past exam papers and supplementary notes. You will also have access to the SmartLab library.

Who can apply

 To be eligible to apply, Year 1 (Secondary 3) and Year 2 (Secondary 4) students must:

be at least 15 years of age as of 1 January the year they will take the exam.

have completed Secondary 2.

passed Secondary 2 English.

The next step forward in life

After completing and passing your O Levels, you may be able to …

1) Enrol in a local junior college or centralised institute for a 2/3-year course to take your GCE A Level examinations (min. 6 O Levels required)

2) Enrol in a local polytechnic for a 3-year diploma course

3) Enrol in a local Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to gain a National ITE Certificate (Nitec)

… depending on your grades and the subjects taken.

How much does it cost?

SmartLab Education Private School uses the Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme for student tuition fee protection.

This adheres to the terms and conditions of your student contract in accordance with the Committee for Private Education.

Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination (10 months) – Local/PR

Full-Time student 1-year course

Application Fee$88
Subject Fee for 4 or 5 Subjects$7,000
Course Materials + Continual Assessment Fees$1,200
Total Course Fee (No GST)$8,288
Additional subjects$1,200 per subject

Part-Time student 1-year course

No. of subjects to take1 subject2 subjects3 subjects
Application Fee$88$88$88
Subject Fee$1,750$3,500$5,250
Course Materials + Continual Assessment Fees$300$600$900
*Science Lab Fee$600 per subject for students who take up science subject ONLY

Please note: Fees do not include external examination fees collected by SEAB (about $500 depending on the number and type of subjects registered) and textbooks (about $250).

When can I start?

Start date: 1st working day of January

End date: 31 October 

Students can join after the commencement date so long as they are aware that some lessons have been missed.

The Preparatory Course for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination will cease after the last week of October.

There will be no lessons on gazetted public holidays.

Additional lessons including laboratory sessions and consultations will be conducted during Mar, first two weeks of Jun and Sep holidays.

We follow the MOE school term and public holiday as stipulated on moe.gov.sg/calendar.  

O Level and A Level course classes are held weekday mornings and afternoons in Bishan.