New student? Welcome to the SmartLab family!

Our in-house orientation programme is designed to give you a glimpse into student life at SmartLab.

We will also share our academic expectations as well as the behaviour that is expected of you.

Learn more about:

Our rules and regulations

Our unique learning methodologies

Your course and course timetable

Academic and study awards

We’ll even play a couple of ice breaker games to help you connect with your classmates. Teamwork is essential in the classroom if you want to excel!

What we expect of you

to help you embrace your education

In class

We expect 70% attendance (on average) for your course. You are responsible for being in class on time, ready to learn.

Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to arrange all non-emergency appointments after school, on weekends or during the summer or school holidays in order to minimise the loss of time for learning. Extended holidays are considered unexcused absences.

When absent

An absence is any time the student is not physically present in class. Students who are absent will NOT be given any makeup for the missed classes, including absence due to medical leave.

If you are sick or unable to attend class, your parent/guardian must call the school.

A medical certificate (for illness) or letter from your parent/guardian (for an emergency) should be provided when you return to school.

In exams

Final exams are held at the end of each semester. If you are more than 30 minutes late for the exam, you will not be allowed to take part. You will NOT be given a retest if you miss the assessment for any reason, regardless of the circumstances.

O Level and A Level course classes are held weekday mornings and afternoons in Bishan.