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Tuition centre in Singapore providing Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Physics Tuition


In 2015, 100% of our maths students improved by 2 grades or more

And that’s just one statistic. Every year, SmartLab students in Maths, Science and English exceed their own expectations to achieve astounding results in their PSLE, O Level and A Level exams.

There truly are no limits.

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“My AMath results improved from D7 to A1 within just 3 months. A million thanks to SmartLab tuition centres!”

Estelle Chua Kai Jin

“SmartLab tuition centre helped me to score an A1 in my recent O Level exam. All the worksheets and notes they provided were a great source of help for my learning and revision. Thank you, SmartLab!”

Joshua Tan

“I would Like to say a VERY big THANK YOU to Mr Lee, who helped me improve my Physics grade from a C6 to an A2 in my O Levels!”

Jerry Tan Yi Jie

Quick revision before exam.

Video & Infographics to summarise key science concepts.

Updated stock of assessment/examination style questions to prepare student for formative/summative/national examinations at the primary and secondary level.

We take education to the next level

Go beyond the realms of books and classrooms to explore real-world science and maths problems, and spark a lifelong interest in learning.

As a market-leading pioneer for PSLE, GCE O Level and GCE A Level tuition programmes in Singapore, our cutting-edge classes totally transform the student learning experience.


We believe in helping students believe in themselves, whether through intensive tutoring or collaborative classroom learning.

Subjects Offered in our Tuition Centres:
All Levels English Tuition
Primary Maths Tuition, Primary Science Tuition,
Secondary Science Tuition (Pure/Combined),
Junior College Maths Tuition, JC Chemistry & Physics Tuition
IP Maths & Science Tuition (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

Results Guaranteed

The sky is the limit. Apply for our Results Guaranteed programme to ensure your child gets the results they deserve – or get your money back! Contact our tuition centres now.

Available for maths and science students from Primary 5 to Junior college

Science Lab

Well stocked with all the necessary equipment, our MOE-approved lab is the perfect place to put theory into best practice.

Available for home-schooled, O Level and A Level students, and groups interested in customised arrangements

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We train brains outside of term time

Our holiday programmes are specially designed to prepare your child for the next step in their learning journey – whether that's their first day of secondary school or first exam.

These include dedicated exam preparation workshops, which are designed to strengthen your child's understanding of likely exam topics.

Students in their element

Find out what our students have to say

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science enrichment

Inspiring a love of learning

“SmartLab tuition centre has nurtured my interest and passion in science. The teachers are passionate about teaching and have helped me greatly. Thank you very much for always believing in me!”

Annabel Ng - Physics (A1), Chemistry (A2) 
science tuition

Changing lives

Without the awesome teachers at SmartLab, it would have been literally impossible for me to ace my exams.”

Irvin Ting
science practical

Nurturing positive relationships

“I made lots of new friends at SmartLab, which made learning so enjoyable. SmartLab invests a lot of their time in their students."

Juline Han - AMath (A1), Physics (A2), Chemistry (A2)
chemistry science practical

Always available, 24/7

“I would like to say thank you to my teacher for answering so many of my Biology questions through WhatsApp, and even calling me to help when I didn't understand the explanation!”

Estelle Ho Jia Hui - Biology (A1) 
science lab

Providing support and guidance

“SmartLab teachers are excellent. Their efforts were pivotal in helping me secure an A1 and I am extremely grateful for their constant support.”

Caiying Seah - Biology (A1), Physics (A1), AMath (A1) 
maths tuition

Sharing helpful worksheets

“The wide range of questions in the worksheets prepared me to solve difficult questions. Thank you for making me not lose hope and allowing me to do well in my O Levels!”

Darren Chang - Chemistry (A2) 
math tuition centre

Delivering results

“SmartLab has helped me tremendously. The teachers make sure no one is left behind. Thank you to my teacher for pulling my grades from a C5 during the mid-year to an A1 for O Level.”

Benjamin Tan Han Xian - AMath (A1)
biology tuition singapore

Preparing for future careers

“SmartLab has prepared me for my future life after school. Thank you for all the effort, time and patience that you have put in. Without your help, I would not have achieved what I have now.”

Seraphina De Souza - AMath (A1) 

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