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We spend too much time preparing for an assessment and too little time reviewing the assessment.

In the tuition centre, teachers would provide mock assessments during English tuition.  The review that is carried for these assessments would be both thorough and detailed.

During the preparation stage of the assessments, the areas to be tested would be reviewed and briefed by the secondary tuition tutor.  He or she would emphasise the knowledge areas to be tested. However, the actual question would not be revealed.

Typically, after the assessments and the marking of the papers, there is a report that is written for each class. For example, after an A level tuition mock assessment, the JC tuition teacher would undertake the post-assessment review as follows:

  • Common areas that demonstrate weaknesses in knowledge application
  • Wrong use of concepts
  • Incorrect analysis of data provided
  • Careless mathematical errors
  • Poor presentation of answers without the use of proper keywords

In a Maths tuition review of assessment paper, the teacher would focus on ensuring students understand the questions, and demonstrate how mathematical applications can be applied to solve problems.

A Science tuition tutor when conducting a review of the assessment paper would be emphasising on the keywords used in the marking scheme as well as the use of mathematical calculations and data provided in the solving of the questions.

At the tuition centre, a set of questions would be tailored for each learner after an assessment review so that they can further work on their identified weaknesses.

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