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Discover the power of SmartLab's Maths, Biology, Physics Tuition & Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Our one-of-a-kind tuition programmes have been developed by two First Class Honours graduates from Cambridge University.

Built around our own Exploration, Strengthening, Consolidation (ESC) system, every lesson uses activity-based and problem-based learning to impart essential problem-solving skills and stretch your child’s abilities.

We bring learning to life for your child with …

well-structured notes even their school teachers will be jealous of!

hands-on lessons with a high level of interaction.

exam-orientated worksheets with real questions from past papers.

small class sizes.

Our programmes

For over 19 years, we have helped students achieve the outstanding results they deserve.

Now it’s your child’s turn!

Primary Maths, Secondary E Math and A Maths, A Level Maths tuition, including IP Math

Primary Science, Secondary Science (Pure/Combined), A Level Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition and Biology tuition, including Combined Science and IP Tuition

From Primary to Secondary English tuition, including IP

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Results Guaranteed
Apply for our Results Guaranteed programme to ensure your child gets the results they deserve – or get your money back!

Our Results Guaranteed programme has been up and running for over 5 years for PSLE, O Level and A Level maths, science, biology, chemistry and physics students.

The first step is to meet with a teacher to discuss exam results and goals. Your child must then commit to working hard with support from both you and us.
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Individual/group tuition
Many school students struggle with their confidence in Maths, Science and English classes.

Our tuition sessions are specially designed to boost confidence and nurture a positive attitude toward these core subjects, sparking a lifelong interest in learning.

By encouraging positive interaction with technology and teachers and/or peers, we create an exciting educational experience your child can look forward to!
chemistry tuition
Science Laboratory
Regular sessions are held for O Level and A Level students who need to conduct practical experiments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Smartlab also has launched Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality lab as part of honing the students' lab skills.

All equipment in our tuition centre is carefully regulated to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

Home-schooled students or other learning groups who need access to experiential lab facilities can also get in touch for customised arrangements.
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Exam Preparation / Holiday Programmes
Preparing for exams, or got the first day of ‘big’ school coming up?

Alleviate the pressure with our holiday head-start or revision workshops for PSLE, O Level and A Level maths science, biology, chemistry and physics students!

Not only do our workshops reassure your child of their ability to succeed, they also strengthen their understanding of common and challenging exam topics, and ignite their passion for learning before school starts again.

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Want maths and science tuition, anywhere, anytime?

Key Features:
• Progressive stages of learning:
   o Stage 1 – Acquiring knowledge
   o Stage 2 – Knowledge application
   o Stage 3 – In-depth knowledge application
• Animated science learning videos
• Infographics to summarise key science concepts
• Curated Elearning activities comprising of questions that test specified science concept
• AskTutor to interact with science teachers and get dedicated replies
• Videos on conducted science experiments based on objective, independent variable and dependent variable
• Questions to broaden students’ abilities to apply acquired science concept to real life problems
• Self generating quizzes based on identified weakness
• Updated stock of assessment/examination style questions to prepare student for formative/summative/national examinations at the primary and secondary level.

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