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Discover the power of SmartLab’s Primary, JC & Secondary Science Tuition – English, Maths, Biology, Physics Tuition & Chemistry Tuition in Singapore


Since 1999, its 25 Years and Counting….


Our one-of-a-kind tuition programmes have been developed by two First Class Honours graduates from Cambridge University.

Built around our own Exploration, Strengthening, Consolidation (ESC) system, every lesson uses activity-based and problem-based learning to impart essential problem-solving skills and stretch your child’s abilities.

We bring learning to life for your child with …

well-structured notes even their school teachers will be jealous of!

hands-on lessons with a high level of interaction.

exam-orientated worksheets with real questions from past papers.

small class sizes (1:6)

Ignite Your Passion for Learning!

At SmartLab, we believe that every student is unique, and learning should be as well. Our Primary, JC and Secondary best Science tuition and Maths tuition program goes beyond conventional teaching, offering a dynamic and personalized approach to education. Whether you’re aiming for top grades, mastering challenging subjects, or preparing for future success, our program is your key to unlocking your full potential. Imagine a place where education transcends the ordinary, where challenges become stepping stones, and success is not just a destination but a continuous journey. For over 20 years, we have helped students achieve the outstanding results they deserve. Now it’s your child’s turn!

 That place is here, and it’s waiting for you to join!

Personalised Attention

In a classroom setting, teachers often have limited time to address each student’s individual needs. Our tuition programme provides a platform for personalised attention, allowing tutors to tailor their teaching methods to match the learning style of each student.

Clarification of Concepts

Some students may struggle to grasp certain concepts in a traditional classroom environment. Our customised tuition classes offers an opportunity for students to revisit these concepts in a one-on-one setting / small class size, enabling them to ask questions and seek clarification until they have a solid understanding.

Focused Learning

Tuition lessons are typically focused solely on the subject matter at hand, without the distractions that may arise in a classroom setting. This focused environment can greatly enhance concentration and comprehension, leading to improved academic performance.

Practice and Feedback

Practice is key to mastering any subject. Be it secondary science tuition singapore, english or maths, our tuition program provides students with ample opportunities to practice what they've learned, and receive constructive feedback from their teachers. This iterative process helps identify areas for improvement and allows students to make necessary adjustments before exams.

Building Confidence

Success breeds confidence. As students begin to excel in their studies through tuition, they naturally gain confidence in their abilities. This newfound confidence not only benefits them academically but also translates into other areas of their lives.

Our motto:
Believe in Yourself

Our programmes

Primary Maths, Secondary E Math and A Maths, A Level Maths tuition, including IP Math

Primary Science, Secondary Science Tuition (Pure/Combined), A Level Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition and Biology tuition, including Combined Science and IP Tuition

From Primary to Secondary English tuition, including IP and JC General Paper

Secondary 3 and 4 Combined Humanities (History / Social Studies)

chemistry tuition centre
Results Guaranteed
Apply for our Results Guaranteed programme to ensure your child gets the results they deserve – or get your money back!

Our Results Guaranteed programme has been up and running for over 5 years for PSLE, O Level and A Level maths, science, biology, chemistry and physics students.

The first step is to meet with a teacher to discuss exam results and goals. Your child must then commit to working hard with support from both you and us.
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Individual / Group Tuition
Many school students struggle with their confidence in Primary and Secondary Maths, Science and English classes.

Our tuition sessions are specially designed to boost confidence and nurture a positive attitude toward these core subjects, sparking a lifelong interest in learning.

By encouraging positive interaction with technology and teachers and/or peers, we create an exciting educational experience your child can look forward to!
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Science Laboratory
Regular sessions are held for O Level and A Level students who need to conduct practical experiments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

All equipment in our tuition centre is carefully regulated to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

Home-schooled students or other learning groups who need access to experiential lab facilities can also get in touch for customised arrangements.
physics tuition centre
Exam Preparation / Holiday Programmes
Preparing for exams, or got the first day of ‘big’ school coming up?

Alleviate the pressure with our holiday head-start or revision workshops for PSLE, O Level and A Level maths science, biology, chemistry and physics students!

Not only do our workshops reassure your child of their ability to succeed, they also strengthen their understanding of common and challenging exam topics, and ignite their passion for learning before school starts again.

Subjects Offered in SmartLab

English Tuition
Our English tuition comprises of the following skills: Editing, Situational & Continuous Writing, Visual & Narrative Comprehension, Non-narrative, Listening & Oral Communication
Secondary Maths Tuition
At Smartlab's Maths tuition, we focus on the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, while building core Mathematical concepts for our students to achieve better results in the exams.
Sec1, Sec2 Science Tuition
Our science tuition teachers meticulously review each student's answers, seeking not just accuracy but also a glimpse into their thought process. Every question a stepping stone on the path to mastery.
Biology Tuition
During our biology tuition, we consolidate our knowledge and understanding by practicing questions; first with simple and formative exercises, eventually with deeper, challenging questions.
Chemistry Tuition
Our Chemistry Tuition - As tests and major exams approach, our chemistry tuition classes conduct practice papers and time trials to fine-tune and thoroughly prepare students, building confidence and proficiency.
Physics Tuition
Learn & apply bite-sized Physics tuition concepts to tackle O/A Level and school exam MCQs and Higher Order Thinking questions. Students will then have the opportunity to practice different types of questions.
Humanities Tuition
Our Humanities tuition equips students with Source-Based questions and Structured Essay Questions skills. Pure History and Elective History, Social Studies is available.
Primary Maths Tuition
Teachers typically introduce problem-solving strategies and the use of heuristics by providing examples and guiding students in applying the strategies to a variety of mathematical problems.
Primary Science Tuition
Our science teacher will try to be engaging and provide an environment to stimulate the students’ interest and curiosity in the subject, We also focus on improving the conceptual understanding of the students.

Tuition Schedule

Our tuition centres available locations: Bishan, Hougang, Marine Parade, Woodlands

What others say about us?

Unlocking Potential

In today's competitive academic landscape, finding the right educational support system for your child is paramount. Enter SmartLab Tuition Centre, a beacon of excellence in the realm of supplementary education. Don't just take our word for it; let the resounding chorus of satisfied parents and thriving students paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of SmartLab.

Parent Testimonials:

SmartLab isn't just a tuition centre; it's a partner in your child's educational journey. Here's what some of our esteemed parents have to say:

“Enrolling my daughter in SmartLab was one of the best decisions we've made. Their personalized approach and dedicated tutors have not only boosted her grades but also her confidence.” – Sarah W.

“The progress I've seen in my son's understanding of math since joining SmartLab has been remarkable. The tutors go above and beyond to ensure he grasps even the most challenging concepts.” – Michael T.

“As a parent, nothing is more reassuring than knowing your child is in capable hands. SmartLab provides that assurance and more. Their holistic approach to education ensures that my child is not just memorizing facts but truly understanding them.” – Emily L.

Student Success Stories:

At SmartLab, we measure our success by the achievements of our students. Here are a few standout stories:

James R.: “Before joining SmartLab science tuition centre singapore, I struggled with science concepts. But thanks to their patient tutors and engaging teaching methods, I not only aced my exams but also developed a newfound passion for the subject!”

Sophia K.: “SmartLab turned my fear of math into a love for numbers. The interactive lessons and supportive environment helped me conquer my math anxiety and excel in a subject I once dreaded.”

Daniel S.: “I used to find English literature overwhelming, but SmartLab's approach to breaking down texts and analyzing them critically completely changed my perspective. Now, I look forward to literature classes!”

Academic Excellence:

SmartLab's commitment to academic excellence is unwavering. Our team of experienced tutors, meticulously crafted curriculum, and small class sizes ensure that every student receives the attention they need to thrive. Our results speak for themselves:

Top Grades: Countless students have seen significant improvements in their grades across subjects after enrolling in SmartLab.

Entrance Exam Success: Many of our students have successfully gained admission to prestigious schools and universities, thanks to the solid foundation they built at SmartLab.

Confidence Boost: Beyond academic achievements, SmartLab instills confidence in students, empowering them to tackle challenges with a positive mindset.

Customised Learning Experience:

One size does not fit all when it comes to education. That's why SmartLab adopts a personalised approach to learning:

Diagnostic Assessments: We start by understanding each student's strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

Tailored Curriculum: Based on the assessment results, we create a customized learning plan that targets areas needing improvement while building on existing strengths.

Individualized Attention: With small class sizes, our tutors can provide individualized attention, addressing specific concerns and fostering a deeper understanding of the material.

Holistic Development:

At SmartLab, we believe that education goes beyond textbooks and exams. Our holistic approach focuses on nurturing well-rounded individuals:

Critical Thinking: We encourage students to think critically, analyze information, and solve problems creatively.

Effective Communication: Through group discussions, presentations, and debates, students hone their communication skills, essential for success in any field.

Life Skills: From time management to goal setting, we equip students with essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Safe and Supportive Environment:

SmartLab is not just a place of learning but also a safe haven where students feel valued and supported:

Warm Atmosphere: Our friendly tutors create a welcoming environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and asking questions.

Positive Reinforcement: We celebrate every milestone, no matter how small, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation in our students.

In conclusion, SmartLab Math and Science Tuition Centre isn't just a place where students come to study; it's a community where they grow, thrive, and unlock their full potential. With rave reviews from parents and students alike, SmartLab stands as a testament to the transformative power of quality education. Join us on this journey of academic excellence and personal growth, and let's pave the way to a brighter future together!

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