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For over 19 years, in Singapore has worked hard to develop a comprehensive and truly unique educational / tuition programme that delivers results in the core subjects of maths (E & A Math), science (biology, chemistry, physics) and English for primary, secondary and junior college students.

SmartLab Elearn App is built to support the learning of science from aged 6 onwards allowing learners to foster and promote their curiosity for science knowledge, and to learn and master science knowledge application in accordance with the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) and GCE “O” level syllabus.

Key Features:

Progressive stages of learning: 

  •     > Stage 1 – Acquiring knowledge
  •     > Stage 2 – Knowledge application
  •     > Stage 3 – In-depth knowledge application

Animated science learning videos

Infographics to summarise key science concepts

Curated Elearning activities comprising of questions that test specified science concept

AskTutor to interact with science teachers and get dedicated replies

Videos on conducted science experiments based on objective, independent variable and dependent variable 

Questions to broaden students’ abilities to apply acquired science concept to real life problems

Self generating quizzes based on identified weakness 

Updated stock of assessment/examination style questions to prepare student for formative/summative/national examinations at the primary and secondary level.

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With locations from north to south, east to west, it is easy to find a SmartLab near you!