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Enrichment Primary Science Lab

(1) Develop observational skills. (2) Enhance data processing and analysis skills.

Level 1
(Primary 3-4)
Level 2
(Primary 5)
Level 3
(Primary 6)
MaterialsMeasurement, Mass & VolumeHeat
LightElectricityForces & Energy
Human Body Part 1Human Body Part 2Plants, Flowers and Yeast

Foundation-level Secondary Science Lab

(1) Develop basic exam lab skills. (2) Enhance data collation and analysis skills.

(Sec 1 & above)

(Sec 1 & above)

(Sec 1 & above)


Acid, Base and Gas

Microscope & Biology Drawings


Volumetric Analysis

Food Tests


Qualitative Analysis

Osmosis & Diffusion

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