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GCE O level Tuition & GCE O level Full Time Programme

o level tuition

SmartLab GCE O level programme is designed to help students achieve their goal so that they can move on to the next stage of their learning.

You need a goal. Whether it is for advancement to GCE A level or polytechnic or other tertiary education, a goal serves to direct your efforts to ensure that the subjects you are reading meets the entry requirements and prepares you for your future endeavours.   Free feel to contact us and we have a team of educators who can provide you the advice and work with you on your goal.

First step – Learning Zone

During this journey, you will need to first work hard to be able to get back into the learning zone when you start to enjoy attending classes picking up new knowledge and able to apply those knowledge to solve questions.

GCE O level program is by no means a walk in the park as you must put in your effort and work hard. We are here to help. That is the reason why we have deliberately kept the class size small so that there’s plenty of opportunities for us to interact. If you don’t understand any area that’s been taught or have any questions, you must ask the teacher.

We have also planned secondary tuition sessions in the timetable that allows you to have a one-to-one opportunity to interact with your teachers. Please actively use these secondary tuition sessions when you need them. Online videos are also available.

Second step – Learning momentum

Subsequently you will need to maintain your learning momentum so that you continue to be able to master more topics for every single subject and able to deploy that knowledge that you acquired during exam or assessment.

If you feel that certain questions that has been given to you are rather easy and you can manage them very well, please approach the O level tuition teacher and ask for more difficult worksheets.

Final step – Performing in Assessment

During this part of your learning journey, you must constantly feel that you have been challenged either by the new knowledge that you are learning or by the challenging questions that you have to answer.

Finally, life is a roller coaster similar to our learning journey. When you are down and need help, please let us know. We will be able to find ways to work together with you either academically or non-academically so that you continue to hone and stay sharp for your GCE O level examination.

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