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About our Maths Tuition

The centre’s objectives for teaching math at the primary level typically include developing a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts such as percentage ,fractions, ratio, geometry, measurement, and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, our primary / psle maths tuition teachers aim to foster a positive attitude towards math and encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning. The ultimate goal is to equip students with the essential mathematical skills and understanding needed for their future education and everyday life.

Teachers typically introduce problem-solving strategies and the use of heuristics by providing examples and guiding students in applying the strategies to a variety of mathematical problems. Over time, students become familiar with the heuristics and develop their problem-solving toolkit, enabling them to approach and solve mathematical problems more effectively and confidently. These strategies help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Here are some of the common heuristics approaches teachers employ in our primary, PSLE maths tuition classes:

Guess and Check:

Students make an initial guess or estimate, then systematically check its validity and make adjustments until a solution is found.

Look for a Pattern:

Students observe patterns or relationships within the problem and use those patterns to make predictions or find a solution.

Make a Systematic List:

Students create a systematic list or table to organize and explore possibilities, helping them arrive at a solution.

Draw a Diagram or Model:

Students visualize the problem by drawing a diagram or creating a model that represents the given information and helps them understand the problem better.

Work Backwards:

Students start with the desired outcome and work backward, determining the steps or conditions needed to reach the desired solution.

Use Logical Reasoning: 

Students apply logical reasoning to analyze the problem, draw logical conclusions, and eliminate incorrect or irrelevant information.

Break the Problem into Smaller Parts:

Students break a complex problem into smaller, more manageable parts, solving each part individually before combining the solutions to arrive at the final solution.

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Subjects Offered in SmartLab

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Secondary Maths Tuition
At Smartlab's Maths tuition, we focus on the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, while building core Mathematical concepts for our students to achieve better results in the exams.
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Primary Maths Tuition
Teachers typically introduce problem-solving strategies and the use of heuristics by providing examples and guiding students in applying the strategies to a variety of mathematical problems.
Primary Science Tuition
Our science teacher will try to be engaging and provide an environment to stimulate the students’ interest and curiosity in the subject, We also focus on improving the conceptual understanding of the students.

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Our tuition centres available locations: Bishan, Hougang, Marine Parade, Woodlands

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