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We are top of the class 

As a pioneer in education since 1999, we are proud to have helped over 20,000 students from all levels including
PSLE, O Level and A Level tuition students achieve the grades they deserve.

On Average,

of our maths students jumped one grade or more

of our chemistry students got an A or a B

of our physics students jumped two grades or more

of our biology students got an A or a B

And that’s just some statistic. Every year, SmartLab students in Maths, Science and English exceed their own expectations to achieve astounding results in their PSLE, O Level and A Level exams.


These children did it… and yours can too!

Sample SmartLab GCE 'A' Levels Results

NameSubjectBeforeAfterGrades Improved
Jin Jun KohChemistryUA6
Jonathan Chow Zhi KaiChemistryUA6
Li Ling WongChemistryUA6
James Tan Kian TatMathsUA6
Wilson Chee Wei XiangMathsUA6
Zhitao LiMathsUA6
Benjamin WuPhysicsUA6
Zheng Yi ChuPhysicsUA6
Siahaan Ganda SherardPhysicsUA6
Alvin Mak Qi ZhiEconomicsUA6
Dannel LimEconomicsUA6
Daphne Ting Wan QingEconomicsUA6
Ren Yi LeeGeneral PaperSA5
Jonathan Tjioe Guan YuGeneral PaperUB5
Chung Chi ChongGeneral PaperEA4

Sample SmartLab GCE 'O' Level Results

NameSubjectBeforeAfterGrades Improved
Sharon Chan Shi NingAMathsF9A18
Andy OwAMathsF9A18
Godwin Liew Ge YunAMathsF9A18
Gary Tan Yi FengEMathsD7A18
Barry TayEMathsF9A18
Erica KohEMathsF9A27
Lim Yi YingEMathsF9A27
Benedict Lim ShengCombined ScienceF9A18
Dennison KongCombined ScienceF9A18
Christopher GohCombined ScienceF9A18
Jiang LimPhysicsF9A18
Ji Wei WongPhysicsF9A18
Chieh Ling WuChemistryF9A18
Ji Wei WongChemistryF9A18
Xuan Hui LeeChemistryE8A17
Min Ling GohBiologyE8A17
Ng Guan WeiBiologyD7A16
Emily ChangBiologyD7A16
Billy Neo Chee HengEnglishC6A15
Nicholas YeeEnglishE8B35

Sample SmartLab PSLE Results

NameSubjectBeforeAfterGrades Improved
Lim Neng FangScienceEA4
Lee Yong YeeScienceDA3
Cheng Rei YiScienceEB3
Rabi'atul AdawiyahMathCA*3
Wellace LeongMathCA*3
Angie Lee Yu FangMathDA3
Cheryl LauEnglishCA2
Hui YiEnglishDB2
Nur IffahEnglishBA1

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