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Exploration, Strengthening, Consolidation


Exploration is a stage when the focus is to teach to develop interests of students in the topic. Students will be taught the basics and concepts before demonstrating how this knowledge can be applied to questions for solving science questions during science tuition or math questions during maths tuition.

Thereafter students would have to solve basic level questions to exercise the application of the newly learnt concepts.

Strengthening is a learning stage when key areas of a topic or knowledge are covered before focusing on knowledge application and problem solving in preparation for formative assessments.

The students would deepen their understanding of the learnt knowledge through application demonstrated by the science tuition teachers to more complex real life problems or math tuition teachers to more complicated math questions.

Students would be exposed to the most challenging assessment question for that topic or sub-topic, and to have a feel of some of the popularly tested question for assessment.

Consolidation is the final learning stage when revision consists of numerous topics and questions being worked upon require the knowledge of more than one topic. Challenging questions that require higher level of understanding would be discussed.

Students would be challenged with summative assessment (mid year or final year) questions from various topics and within time constraint. Solving question would at times required knowledge from more than one topic.

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