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Learn Fast Forget Fast

This group of primary tuition students can be extremely difficult to prepare for the final year assessment. Typically, they are smart and pick things up very fast. But they are not diligent and organized. This group of learners will be relying on the tutors to stay in shape. Tutors must chart a plan for the students on the PSLE tuition and work diligently together with him or her.

Diligent but poor scorers

The main group of students attending O level tuition belongs to this group. They are diligent and conscientious in what they are doing. Aside from attending school, they come for secondary tuition to reinforce what they have learnt and constantly push themselves to do more.

The advice is more may not be better. Some of the common trends we observed when coaching learners in both math tuition and science tuition classes are:
• Students are doing questions on a topic which they are already good at
• Students are doing single topic worksheets when the assessment is based on multiple topics
• Students are not time conscious when doing the worksheets, i.e. they are not working within time constraints as required during assessments
• Students are not focusing on marking schemes and keywords


There are some A level tuition students who belong to this category. They want to be able to fully understand all the details. If they don’t understand a single part or if they are unable to solve 1 question from a topic, they would say they don’t understand the whole concept and at times give up.

Fret not. What the students need is an assurance that the cup is more than half filled and you don’t need to do all the questions to ace the examination. Patience and confidence boosting chats are extremely important in aiding them. In our JC tuition, pep talks by the tutors in this case would be extremely helpful.

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