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‘O’ / ‘A’ Level Science Laboratory Practical Exam Preparation

The Science Lab programmes that SmartLab is conducting in Sept/Oct 2022 for GCE ‘O/A’ Level students will be focused on preparing students for practical examinations or other assessments. Science practicals require a lot more time and resources to prepare and conduct as compared to classroom lessons. Students frequently do not get as much practice and training as they would like. Additional sessions would therefore greatly benefit them in familiarising and preparing them for science practical assessments, enabling them to feel more confident and score better.

SmartLab is one of few centres with a fully equipped, MOE-approved Science Lab to prepare students for learning and lab assessments.

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O Level Lab – Sept/Oct 2022

Pure Phy29 SepThu3 – 4.30pm
CSBio5 OctWed3-4.30pm
CSPhy5 OctWed3-4.30pm
CSChem5 OctWed1-2.30pm
Pure Bio6 OctThu3-4.30pm
Pure Chem12 OctWed1.30 – 3pm



Pure Phy – Wave and Electricity
Pure Bio – Respiration and Plant Nutrition
Pure Chem – 1 QA, 1 Titration

CSPhy – Wave and Electricity
CSBio – Respiration and Plant Nutrition
CSChem – 2 QA

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A Level Final Preparatory Lab – July/Oct 2022

A levelBio Lab 113 JulWed1-3:30pm
A levelBio Lab 226 OctWed1-3:30pm
A levelPhy Lab 125 JulMon1-3:30pm
A levelPhy Lab 216 OctSun2.30-5pm
A levelChem Lab 127 JulWed1-3:30pm
A levelChem Lab 219 OctWed12.30-3pm
  • Limited Slots
  • A level Bio 1: Use of methylene blue and hydrogen carbonate indicator to examine the rate of respiration
  • A level Bio 2: Enzyme and H2O2 decomposition, Microscopy & Variation and chi square test
  • A level Physics 1: Electricity, Air Resistance, Principle of Moment & Design
  • A level Physics 2: Wave, Electricity, Oscillation & Design
  • A level Chemistry 1: Redox Titration, Ksp, QA
  • A level Chemistry 2: Redox Titration, Kinetics, QA

Virtual Science Practical Lab

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