Students thinking of retaking the GCE O or A level or sitting for the GCE O or A level for the first time should consider joining a tuition centre or private school.

We have worked with all these students through

  • SmartLab Education Centre, which offers both secondary tuition and JC tuition
  • SmartLab Education Private school, which offers both GCE O level and GCE A level Full time programmes


Seed on Rocks

Some students would make enquiries with great enthusiasm but keep delaying doing it. In this case, the seed would not germinate as there is no soil to allow the roots to grow and be embedded. Enthusiasm is not enough if you have decided to take the GCE O or A level. Actions are needed.


Seed on Thorns

Some students would take the plunge and start the course with little knowledge of what they are heading into. The commitment would start waning after the initial month. Hard work is a must. Getting into the learning zone is not an easy feat especially if you have not been studying for a period of time.  Knowing what you are getting into and planning before mounting the effort is as important as the effort itself.

In SmartLab, we have both the set-up as a tuition centre and private school to assist you in overcoming your hurdles which may mean arranging for more secondary tuition learning sessions in smaller groups or more 1-to-1 consultation with the A level tuition teacher to help you get into the learning zone.


Seed on Soils

The students who blossomed are those who have a clear goal of why they are doing the course. What are the target grades they are aiming for?  They also have a fair idea of the GCE O and A level assessments, and they work diligently to build the foundations towards the requirements of the assessments. They are always focused on what they are weak in and that is when we step in to assist with either more “fertilisers” or “water” to aid the germination of the seed into a tree.

With locations from north to south, east to west, it is easy to find a SmartLab near you!

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