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Recall how you first learnt to ride a bicycle or play a musical instrument or play a sport. The first hour is probably spent picking up the bicycle or making some shrieking sound or picking up a running ball.  The next 10 hours would seem a bit better. By the next 100, 1000 or 10,000 hours, you would have mastered it and perfected it.

Tuition centre serves to provide a safe environment in the presence of coaches who can help you to clock more hours and accelerate your acquisition of experience.  Primary tuition for example, provides the opportunities for learners to practise the knowledge and its applications at an early stage.

Expansion of vocabulary is extremely important, and the provision of English tuition provides an additional programme to teach a range of new words, may it be verbs or adjectives or nouns, aside from what is learnt in schools.

Developing logic in mathematical concept through maths tuition helps the primary students to get accustomed to the concept of numbers interacting with each other and how they can be used to simulate real life problems.

An understanding of the laws of science via science tuition, supports our young learners by making them realise that the world is more than just about human beings, but about how other living things co-exist and how they are all affected by a common set of laws.

What is clear in learning, is that the first hour is probably the hardest and heading into the final 10,000 hours requires perseverance and determination.

If we would start our primary 1 student with a 2-hour math schedule daily, that will work out to 10 hours weekly, 500 hours annually and 3000 hours in 6 years.

In short, nil sine labore which means nothing without labour.

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